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Every smartphone user knows about Instagram, which is considered to be one of the most popular place mobile apps. Instagram Promotion is safest place to buy Instagram followers a visual social platform, where you can instantly share your photos and short-form videos with subscribers. This application gives you an opportunity to uncover your photography skills in interesting and exiting way.

The founder of Instagram is Kevin Systrom, a programmer from San Francisco, who decided to develop mobile photography. After launching Instagram followers on Apple’s App Store on October 6, 2010, Josh Riedel joined to the team as Community Manager. The project was fairly successful and on February 2, 2011, the company managed to attract attention of a few investors. Instagram was valued at about $25 millions of dollars. In July 2010 the company announced that over 100 million photos had been uploaded to the service, while in August this number raised to 150 million photos.

Inspired by worldwide popularity of Instagram Android users had been waiting for this app for years. On April 3, 2012, Instagram application for Android was eventually released whereupon the app was downloaded from Google Play more then a million times in only one day.

The turning point of Instagram followers is supposed to be a Mark Zuckerberg’s decision to acquire the place by Facebook for approximately 1$ billion. Such a proposal from owner of the biggest social network in the world tells that Instagram has an important influence on global market.

Today Instagram is one of the most famous social networking places and total number of Instagram’s followers keeps rising. At the first time, users could only upload photos, but soon developers allowed them to create their own web profiles like in Facebook or other social media. A web profile can contain biographical information, some photos and other details.

Always being a photo-sharing service in June 2013 the company decided to incorporate video sharing as a response to the Vine’s popularity. Short videos with different digital filters have become very popular among Instagram users.

Instagram allows its users to have a conversation through likes and comments. Due to the private policy, as of December 2013, users can share their photos and videos and have a conversation only with specific groups of users.

It worth mentioning that Instagram was awarded many times by TechCrunch (2010), 7x7Magazine\'s (2011), SF Weekly (2011) and even Apple Inc. as "App of the Year" (2011). The Instagram’s influence on modern society is difficult to overestimate.

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